My greatest salad creation to date.

Field greens, dandelion greens, sunflower sprouts, sprouted lentils, shredded beets, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pepitas in my home made cilantro-lime dressing. I love how the beets turn the cucumber pink and make it look like dragon fruit!


Sandwich Sundays

3 cups of coffee pumping through my veins and I’m craving something delicious.  Considered left over green curry but I thought that my special order of “super thai spicy” would not be so kind to an empty stomach.  I needed the perfect combination of carbs, spreads, and veggies to satisfy the grumbles and give me the energy to hit the treadmill later.

Marinated eggplant and sundried tomatoes as the flavour base.  Pickles, cucumber, and lettuce for the crunch factor. Veganaise and dijon for the added kick.  

Perfectly layered and assembled.  I am a sandwich artist.

Nearly ruined it by forgetting the avocado!  Stuffed the buttery smooth goodness in and voila.  Now I have to go run it off.

Toronto Carnage

This is a photo from a fur shop about 0.5 km from my home.  An employee was outside smoking and told us we were looking at coyotes (with a grin).  Laughed and called us city folk hypocrites as he see’s so many in Toronto wearing Canada Goose coats with fur trimmed hoods.  He didn’t notice that we were wearing cotton coats and felt/pleather shoes.  

We weren’t taking this photo to wage battle.  We were just trying to capture the PETA article that was posted on his corkboard (seen behind the pile of flesh).  Yeah it sickened me to see the mass carnage in the cardboard box but I was more amused why he bothered to care what PETA thought of him.

For those inquiring: vegan bacon from Taiwan. I bought it at the tiny vegan food shop at the back of King’s Cafe in Kensington Market in Toronto. Best ever!

Dinner! Vegan burger with vegan cheese, vegan bacon and fully loaded between a gluten free bun. I know my friend Rob will appreciate this beauty!

Stew and a Show

Cooked up a pot of vegan, gluten-free noodle stew tonight.  Rocked it big time.

I love cooking.  Probably one of the most fun things to do on a Sunday afternoon (yes I know it is Wednesday).  But the past hour of cooking has been torture.  That’s ‘cause the fire alarm has been going off for 45 MINUTES!  Any normal person would have hopped down the stairs to the lobby to check out the hot firemen or left the building for some peace and quiet.  But I couldn’t abandon the soup!  So I have been plugging my ears and stirring for the last little while.  

Yes, it occurred to me that it might be a real fire.  

No, I did not contemplate leaving the condo.  

Going to devour the soup with some amazing gluten-free bread I discovered today in Leslieville.

If you’re in downtown Toronto tonight you should come and check this out:

It is free and being held at Bell TIFF Lightbox (awesome venue).  Check out this site to get on the guestlist.  Just might to have a drink at the Blackberry Lounge after….

Bird Killing

Killing many birds with one stone tonight.  Cruised over to Sorauren Park to check out a new loft, drop off some flyers, and re-scout a pathway for one of Ravi’s shoots.  Lucky for us an extra bird crossed paths with our stone – the Sorauren Park Farmers’ Market! That’s like four dead birds. Awesome.

The loft was so-so.  Flyering was well…flyering.  The real star of the night was the surprise Farmers’ Market – an eclectic mix of young hippie parents, kids with homemade popsicles dripping down their elbows, and even a free astrology reading. 

We expected to stay just a few minutes but were sucked into a vortex of delicious, free samples of grilled tofu, raw breads, and local cheeses.  It was at that point I realized that making dinner is for suckers and we should just eat here.  

I started my culinary journey with a slice of raw, vegan pizza.  Let me repeat that RAW VEGAN PIZZA.  It looked like pizza and smelled like pizza, but my instincts told me it was gunna suck – as most fake pizzas do.  Man was I wrong.  This thing was delicious.  But at $7 a slice I’d have to fill up somewhere else.  

I sampled some smoked tofu and ended up walking away with packages of vegan jerky and fake bacon.  I know, sounds gross but this stuff was a treat for my taste buds.

I was starting to feel full so I thought it was time for dessert.  Sampled some raw chocolate and resisted the temptation for a chocolate drink.

Looks like an avocado, right? It’s a cacao fruit!

Before leaving I had to pick up a pint of raspberries. 

Melt in your mouth amazing! 

Didn’t even last the walk back to the car.

Oh my god! I almost forgot about the honey!  Two words – cinnamon honey.  No, wait. Three words and a symbol: cinnamon honey = amazing! (sorry, two symbols).

This market was too much of a hike to do weekly but I will definately be back before the end of the summer – if only to stock up on some cinnamon honey!