Saturday Night Special

I was planning on having a low key weekend.  Movies, wine, P90X, and some healthy eats.  I was doing well until 6 pm hit on Saturday night. 

Little did I know that one of my favourite Toronto bloggers, Raymi the Minx, was turning 29 and celebrating down the street.  So I put on my party pants (dress) and slipped into my glass slippers (Frye boots) and headed out.  Since I was already out on the town Ravi and I decided to meet up with a friend at Hrvati Bar, a cute little Croatian bar just off of Bloor Street.  Kitchen was closed so we sipped on strange brews and headed back out.  Stomachs growling we scoured the city begging bartenders to feed us.  Dude at the Victory told me I shouldn’t be eating so late at night.  Seriously?  After giving him a scowl we hopped into a cab to Toronto’s most famous 24 hour diner, The Lakeview.  $3 mimosas, $4 pints, and veggie poutine.  Booya.

Looks like vomit but tastes like slop.

Just shy of last call I jumped into a cab to meet up with Casie and Lauren at the Cadillac Lounge for one last drink before heading to Raymi’s birthday at Salvador Darling

Great tunes, old friends, new friends, balloons, toy scooters, disco balls, rocking horses, and a million cell phone pics (not one of me). 

Raymi you are a snowflake, beautiful and unique.  Happy 29th Birthday beautiful.


Was handed a $5 off to Panego pizza down the street. Ordered the meat free pepperoni. Veggie bliss? YES!

Outta the city for a bit.  I have been spending the past 8 days repairing, painting, moving, cleaning, stressing.  Bought a new loft last week with a really early closing date so felt rushed to list my current condo.  

Relaxing in the burbs with a giant slice of pizza and an even bigger glass of wine.  I’m gunna fill my gullet, sleep, and watch movies until Monday.  Planning on living here ‘till my place sells.  Gimme a shout if you’re looking for a kick-ass 2 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto.  In the meantime I’ll be couching it.

HoHoTO “The Party That Twitter Built”

You know how much I love Twitter right? (see my feed to the right)  What is so amazing about Twitter is how easy it is to connect with like-minded individuals.  I have so many new friends and connections that have all formed through Twitter.  

The idea of HoHoTo was born when a group of friends on Twitter started discussing the issue of hunger in Toronto. 

Using social media and their network of friends they managed to organize and  throw together a huge party in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

HoHoTo has become an annual holiday tradition in Toronto for the past four years.  And for the past two weeks Twitter has been buzzing with #HoHoTo feeds.  Last minute Tweeters found it difficult to secure a ticket to the sold-out event and they were forced to “retweet to win tickets.”

My friend, Amber Mac’s company, MGI Media, was one of the corporate sponsors of this event and she inspired me to become a sponsor as well.

(Photo courtesy of @photojunkie)

On December 15, 2011 hundreds came together to party for a cause at the Mod Club in Toronto.  It was an amazing gathering of media, tech experts, PR companies, and fellow tweeters.

We danced to the musical selections of Duarte Da Silva and perused the in-kind donations that were being raffled off.

We tweeted and twit-piced with #hohoTO hashtags all night.  So many hugs and screams of “I know you from Twitter.”  

New connections and friendships were formed and everyone hugged and cheered when organizers announced that HoHoTo raised $70 000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank this year!

Even if you missed this great event you can still donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank or drop off a non-perishable food item at your local fire hall.  It is time to end hunger.

Toronto Carnage

This is a photo from a fur shop about 0.5 km from my home.  An employee was outside smoking and told us we were looking at coyotes (with a grin).  Laughed and called us city folk hypocrites as he see’s so many in Toronto wearing Canada Goose coats with fur trimmed hoods.  He didn’t notice that we were wearing cotton coats and felt/pleather shoes.  

We weren’t taking this photo to wage battle.  We were just trying to capture the PETA article that was posted on his corkboard (seen behind the pile of flesh).  Yeah it sickened me to see the mass carnage in the cardboard box but I was more amused why he bothered to care what PETA thought of him.

Stew and a Show

Cooked up a pot of vegan, gluten-free noodle stew tonight.  Rocked it big time.

I love cooking.  Probably one of the most fun things to do on a Sunday afternoon (yes I know it is Wednesday).  But the past hour of cooking has been torture.  That’s ‘cause the fire alarm has been going off for 45 MINUTES!  Any normal person would have hopped down the stairs to the lobby to check out the hot firemen or left the building for some peace and quiet.  But I couldn’t abandon the soup!  So I have been plugging my ears and stirring for the last little while.  

Yes, it occurred to me that it might be a real fire.  

No, I did not contemplate leaving the condo.  

Going to devour the soup with some amazing gluten-free bread I discovered today in Leslieville.

If you’re in downtown Toronto tonight you should come and check this out:

It is free and being held at Bell TIFF Lightbox (awesome venue).  Check out this site to get on the guestlist.  Just might to have a drink at the Blackberry Lounge after….