My greatest salad creation to date.

Field greens, dandelion greens, sunflower sprouts, sprouted lentils, shredded beets, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pepitas in my home made cilantro-lime dressing. I love how the beets turn the cucumber pink and make it look like dragon fruit!


Still hanging in there.  This “elimination” diet is teaching me quite a bit about myself and my triggers.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty easy work days, leaving me relatively stress-free with adequate time to shop for food and prepare healthy eats.  I’ve been able to go to bed with a clear head and relaxed shoulders, allowing me to fall (and stay) asleep easily.

Today was a different story.  It started off well with an early morning workout and enough time for me to clean the condo before my afternoon appointment.  I noshed on (another) salad and a small bowl of soup, left over from last night’s dinner.  

The tension started as soon as I pulled out of the driveway.  Shitty driving conditions and even shittier drivers.  Cut off by giant SUVs, freaked out by monster tractor trailers drifting into my lane, almost zero visibility on the 404 – the stress started to build.  Add on a difficult client, annoying horny dog violating me, and an even worse drive home.  For the first time, I began having take-out food and wine cravings.  I didn’t feel like cooking as I’m was in the middle of writing a 20+ page report.  My neck and shoulders grew tense and tight.  I wanted to dial up Khao San for some take-out and pour a glass of red.  

Luckily, I have some quinoa/black bean burgers in the freezer and I’m gunna try to enjoy a break from work while chopping up some greens.  I know I’ll get through this day.  And by not giving into my cravings, I will feel healthy and clear headed tomorrow. Yes, I’m still hanging in there.