Bird Killing

Killing many birds with one stone tonight.  Cruised over to Sorauren Park to check out a new loft, drop off some flyers, and re-scout a pathway for one of Ravi’s shoots.  Lucky for us an extra bird crossed paths with our stone – the Sorauren Park Farmers’ Market! That’s like four dead birds. Awesome.

The loft was so-so.  Flyering was well…flyering.  The real star of the night was the surprise Farmers’ Market – an eclectic mix of young hippie parents, kids with homemade popsicles dripping down their elbows, and even a free astrology reading. 

We expected to stay just a few minutes but were sucked into a vortex of delicious, free samples of grilled tofu, raw breads, and local cheeses.  It was at that point I realized that making dinner is for suckers and we should just eat here.  

I started my culinary journey with a slice of raw, vegan pizza.  Let me repeat that RAW VEGAN PIZZA.  It looked like pizza and smelled like pizza, but my instincts told me it was gunna suck – as most fake pizzas do.  Man was I wrong.  This thing was delicious.  But at $7 a slice I’d have to fill up somewhere else.  

I sampled some smoked tofu and ended up walking away with packages of vegan jerky and fake bacon.  I know, sounds gross but this stuff was a treat for my taste buds.

I was starting to feel full so I thought it was time for dessert.  Sampled some raw chocolate and resisted the temptation for a chocolate drink.

Looks like an avocado, right? It’s a cacao fruit!

Before leaving I had to pick up a pint of raspberries. 

Melt in your mouth amazing! 

Didn’t even last the walk back to the car.

Oh my god! I almost forgot about the honey!  Two words – cinnamon honey.  No, wait. Three words and a symbol: cinnamon honey = amazing! (sorry, two symbols).

This market was too much of a hike to do weekly but I will definately be back before the end of the summer – if only to stock up on some cinnamon honey!