Was handed a $5 off to Panego pizza down the street. Ordered the meat free pepperoni. Veggie bliss? YES!


Outta the city for a bit.  I have been spending the past 8 days repairing, painting, moving, cleaning, stressing.  Bought a new loft last week with a really early closing date so felt rushed to list my current condo.  

Relaxing in the burbs with a giant slice of pizza and an even bigger glass of wine.  I’m gunna fill my gullet, sleep, and watch movies until Monday.  Planning on living here ‘till my place sells.  Gimme a shout if you’re looking for a kick-ass 2 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto.  In the meantime I’ll be couching it.

I want to be with you, be with you night and day. Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.

Why the food pics you may be asking. Let’s just say that my New Years Eve was so much fun that I didn’t take a single pic or tweet the entire night.  So instead I took pics tonight of our awesome carb filled dinner from Ciccios.  Pizza Alla Capra with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and pesto sauce as well as Penne Puttanesca with black olives, hot peppers, garlic, parsley, and mushrooms. Jealous?

2012 was welcomed with forehead kisses in bed.  My poor sick boyfriend has been so sick all week and I couldn’t abandon him on New Years Eve.  So I planned a romantic evening of nature docs and my famous gluten-free vegan mac and cheese served up in bed.  I know, I’m a total Casanova.

Soon after midnight he passed out and I moved to the couch for a night of movies and champers solo style.  I was totally content staying in this year.

2 am my phone started buzzing with messages of a party down the street.  I didn’t have plans for new years day so I thought I could handle a little party in the early hours.  Put my party shoes on, waited for a cab for 45 min, waited for the streetcar for 45 min, then finally decided to walk to the party.

The rest of the night was spend with old and new friends.  I woke up today with the greatest feeling (accompanied by the worst feeling) ‘cause I realized I have really good people in my life.  Whatever ups and downs may happen in 2012 I will handle it ‘cause I have them to lean on.  I know I probably told them this about a thousand times in my champers haze but I feel lucky and loved.  Best start to a new year.

P.S. For those of you not feeling so hot this morning go to the store and pick up some coconut water.    Coconut water is isotonic meaning that it has electrolytes in a concentration that is the same as our cells. It is quickly absorbed and restores you in no time. You’re welcome.

The definition of perfection: my homemade, gluten-free, mediterranean flatbread pizza!

Midnight on Thursday night. Moko and Ravi are enjoying a few glasses of wine after a long work week.  They are sitting on the couch watching television. 

Moko: Hey, did you hear that Pizza Pizza has a deal of 3 large pizzas for $25?

Ravi: Seriously? No way

(pulls up website)

Ravi: We have to order!

Moko dials.  Hands to phone to Ravi.

Ravi: So are you guys really selling 3 large pizzas for $25

Pizza Pizza man: Yes

Ravi starts to order an elaborate Mediterranean- style pizza.  Pizza PIzza man cuts him off.

Pizza Pizza man: You can’t get those toppings with the deal.  There are only a few toppings to choose from.

Moko writes down the list of approximately 8 toppings to choose from.  Ravi proceeds to design 3 pizzas using almost all the toppings on the list.

30 minutes later, a knock on the door.

Pizza PIzza Delivery man: That will be $45.

Little did we know that the deal did not include toppings.

I went to bed soon after, without taking a single bite.  Woke up a little foggy this morning.  Walked into the kitchen to find this:

I’ve had a bite from each pizza.  They’re all pretty gross.  This one is probably the best.  I call it ghetto margarita. Spinach instead of basil.

Even kitty, who normally eats anything and everything, won’t touch it.  

 Maybe I should set up a table outside the bars tonight and try to sell slices.  


I tweeted this morning that it would be a good idea to detox before my yearly physical next week.  Responses were overwhelming. 

I wasn’t too surprised with the doubt of my Twitter followers.  I tend to post pics of Friday night pizza and Champers

Saturday hangover poutine

and Sunday morning French Toast.  

Overall, I feel I live a fairly healthy lifestyle.  Vegetarian for over 3 years, 1 hour of running/day 5 days/week, non-smoker.  But have the tendency to binge a bit come the weekend.  This past weekend I blamed it on my shitty stressful, emotional week.  I’m sure I used a pretty similar excuse the week before.  

So I felt that I could benefit from a bit of a detox.  Twitter didn’t seem to think I could do it so I thought I’d post my intentions to this blog as a way of forcing myself to stick to it.

I’m not doing a “cleanse” or formal detox.  My naturopath friends believe in the 6-week no sugar, no caffeine, no wheat, no dairy, no alcohol, no salt detox.  I fully intend on having coffee every morning, salt on my carrots, and goat cheese on my salad.  This week is more about cutting out the grease and booze so I don’t bomb my tests next week.

So here’s my plan:  

2-3 jugs of this every day

lots of greens at lunch and dinner

gluten free grains (quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain but you know what I mean).

and bye-bye to this


and this

So far I’m on the right track having tons of berries and some Holy Crap for breakfast

with this in my coffee

And a salad of field greens, quinoa, feta and dijon dressing I made from scratch for lunch.

I’m feeling less toxic already.