Friday night fun with sparklers and a long exposure.


Dear Laywer

You have read my blog. How did you like it?

You also told me you read my tweets and Facebook.  Hope I was able to entertain you.

Thank you for telling me, following my testimony, that you have googled me, checked my twitter and facebook, and read my blog.  I have nothing to hide.  I am health care professional by day and blogger and life lover by night.  My day job has nothing to do with my life job.

I love pizza, champers, movies, travelling, photography, cooking.  

I am opposed to Rob Ford, the Conservative government, ignorance, prejudice, traffic, environmental destroyers, shark finners.

I have a cat. Leave her out of this.

I love my (day) job and I think I’m pretty good at it.  Aside from this post, it is not a part of my social media life.

I will not stop blogging, tweeting, facebook status updating, twitpicing, flickring, linkedining, running, shopping, laughing, crying, and living.

Here I am.  I have nothing to hide.



This photo is of the discovered equipment of Bill Biggart, a photojournalist who lost his life on 9/11.

LIFE: They Were There – 9/11 Photographers

Photo by Chip East

Via: photojojo