The best is when a good friend comes home for a visit…and plays music for you.

Wha Happen?

It started off so quiet and innocent.  Drinking a beer at C’est What at a screening of Ravi’s Remix-To-Rio

Had another drink during the Q & A (which he rocked BTW).

Stuck around to enjoy a few more beverages and eats while taking in the vocal stylings of an indie artist.  

A few more people arrived, a few more drinks were served but it was still pretty mellow.

I don’t know when things started to get fuzzy.

It may have been due to the lack of food (I’m small but I eat A LOT).

It may have been due to the weather.

It couldn’t have been due to the shots.

I do remember being packed like a sardine in a cab.

I do remember the band.

Apparently I met one of the Winklevoss twins (he was 6’6”). 

He didn’t like that I kept calling him Winklevoss.  Whatever dude.  You can call me Lucy Liu if you want.

The rest of night is a bit fuzzy.  I blame Dakota Tavern.  It always seems to happen there.