After a super fun day with my new GoPro I was super stoked to set up an all night time-lapse.  

I planned on doing a thunder/lightning storm time-lapse first ‘cause Toronto had a pretty fun storm last night.

But stupid GoPro menu confused me and I ended up shooting 4 minutes of nothing.

Erased my SD card and set up GoPro in time-lapse mode when I went to bed at about 12:30 am last night.

It captured over 1300 images of this before the battery konked out:

Pretty spectacular photo but no spectacular morning sunrise.

Ravi “advised” me this morning that I probably should have set up the camera at about 4:30 am.


The Little Camera That Could

Gotta summer surprise coming soon.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m so excited that I know I will want to see the look on my own face (can’t say more than that right now but will do a blog post on it if I survive, LOL).

So part of gearing up was to buy an awesome little camera that I can take anywhere.  I don’t really need another camera but then again you can never have too many, can you? And the awesome thing about this one is that you can take it almost anywhere.

It’s called the GoPro HD Hero.  If you’ve seen some awesome POV videos of dirt bikes and surfers in the past year, this is the camera it was made with.

It is so tiny but shoots so wide with amazing quality images.  

Comes with a waterproof casing good to 60 metres (I’ve only ever gone as deep as 32 metres when scuba diving).  Totally going to bring this on every dive from now on.

I’m still trying to figure out the not-so-straight-forward menu but I did learn how to shoot in still, video, and time-lapse!  I was so stoked when I found the time-lapse mode that allow you to customize the time in-between shots.

As soon as the battery was charged I mounted my GoPro to my bike’s handle bars and rode around the city in time-lapse mode.  

Stopped in to Utopia for veggie chicken burritos and a few beers and tested out the GoPro in still mode.

Hopped back on my bike and mounted it to the end of my handle bars for a different perspective.

Here is a video of today’s time lapses. 

So awesome and fun.  I keep looking around for things to mount my GoPro to.  Was thinking of rigging up something and mounting it to my longboard.  But I haven’t been longboarding in awhile and I tend to bail when I’m out of practice so probably not the best idea.

Maybe I can make a sort of cat-harness and strap it to kitty for an afternoon.

The possibilities are endless.