My greatest salad creation to date.

Field greens, dandelion greens, sunflower sprouts, sprouted lentils, shredded beets, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pepitas in my home made cilantro-lime dressing. I love how the beets turn the cucumber pink and make it look like dragon fruit!

Sandwich Sundays

3 cups of coffee pumping through my veins and I’m craving something delicious.  Considered left over green curry but I thought that my special order of “super thai spicy” would not be so kind to an empty stomach.  I needed the perfect combination of carbs, spreads, and veggies to satisfy the grumbles and give me the energy to hit the treadmill later.

Marinated eggplant and sundried tomatoes as the flavour base.  Pickles, cucumber, and lettuce for the crunch factor. Veganaise and dijon for the added kick.  

Perfectly layered and assembled.  I am a sandwich artist.

Nearly ruined it by forgetting the avocado!  Stuffed the buttery smooth goodness in and voila.  Now I have to go run it off.

Saturday Night Special

I was planning on having a low key weekend.  Movies, wine, P90X, and some healthy eats.  I was doing well until 6 pm hit on Saturday night. 

Little did I know that one of my favourite Toronto bloggers, Raymi the Minx, was turning 29 and celebrating down the street.  So I put on my party pants (dress) and slipped into my glass slippers (Frye boots) and headed out.  Since I was already out on the town Ravi and I decided to meet up with a friend at Hrvati Bar, a cute little Croatian bar just off of Bloor Street.  Kitchen was closed so we sipped on strange brews and headed back out.  Stomachs growling we scoured the city begging bartenders to feed us.  Dude at the Victory told me I shouldn’t be eating so late at night.  Seriously?  After giving him a scowl we hopped into a cab to Toronto’s most famous 24 hour diner, The Lakeview.  $3 mimosas, $4 pints, and veggie poutine.  Booya.

Looks like vomit but tastes like slop.

Just shy of last call I jumped into a cab to meet up with Casie and Lauren at the Cadillac Lounge for one last drink before heading to Raymi’s birthday at Salvador Darling

Great tunes, old friends, new friends, balloons, toy scooters, disco balls, rocking horses, and a million cell phone pics (not one of me). 

Raymi you are a snowflake, beautiful and unique.  Happy 29th Birthday beautiful.

Was handed a $5 off to Panego pizza down the street. Ordered the meat free pepperoni. Veggie bliss? YES!

Sometimes I like to dress up when I play guitar.  It inspires me.