Was handed a $5 off to Panego pizza down the street. Ordered the meat free pepperoni. Veggie bliss? YES!


Sometimes I like to dress up when I play guitar.  It inspires me.

Kony 2012

“What is this Kony thing that’s going around the Internet?” I asked Ravi earlier today.

I’ve been away from the Internet for over a week and have been catching up all day.  Browsed Facebook, flipped through Twitter, glanced at the dailys for a bit.  But it wasn’t until I settled into the Tumblr dashboard did I begin to see a trend.  

The word “Kony” was plastered on every other tumblr blog post.  So I finally watched the video.  


If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare watching it right now then here’s a quick synopsis:

Joseph Kony is a war criminal.  He abducts children, puts a gun in their hands, and turns them into child soldiers – after he forces them to kill their families.  The girls, after they are raped, are turned into sex slaves.  Over 30 000 children have been abducted.  The US is currently looking for him but he is difficult to find as he is invisible – no ones knows about him.  We have the power to make him visible.  Help Kony be the most famous name and face of 2012.  


Home made Thai coffee with skull and cross bones ice cubes! My pre-yoga fuel

Do As They Do In Key West

Woke up to birds chirping and hearing splashes from the hotel pool.  Jumped out of bed and ran downstairs after I realized I was 2 minutes late for the free hotel coffee and breakfast.  Loaded my arms with coffee, juice, and Key West baked goods and made my way back up to the room to surprise Ravi and Colin with tasty delights.  This was enough to kill off the residue from the previous night’s escapades.

We decided to hit Duval Street, one of the most popular and famous streets of Key West.  In addition to Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffet, and Tennessee Williams, Key West is known for its New Orleans-type culture.  Not that I’ve been to New Orleans but it appeared to have the same sort of architecture as many pictures of buildings and houses I’ve seen in New Orleans.  

Duval and surroundings streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes.  It was easy to spend the entire day and night walking around this quaint town.  After resting up in the hotel and catching a bite to eat we were ready to hit the town again.  

Unfortunately it appeared that everyone in town was staying in that night.  Somewhat relieved after the previous night and long day of walking we made our way back to the hotel and crashed early.