Sometimes You Need To Get Away

I’ve been gone awhile.  Have you noticed?  Needed to get away from cold weather, deadlines, traffic.  Hopped on a plane to Miami and met up with a friend at the airport.  Ravi and I were worried that he would have problems finding us so we made a little sign.

After meeting up with Dr. Sexi Tyme we hopped in a rental car and drove south a few hours to Key West.  KEY WEST!  Why have I not been here before?  Stayed in a small, boutique hotel in the heart of old Key West.  Bought beer and wine at the grocery store then spent a night out partying with locals, fellow visitors, and seasonal locals.  

A passerby on a bike bestowed this fantastic hat to me on our way to the bar.  I had to wear it until I found someone else who would agree to take it and wear it.

(Take note of the couple dancing on the right).

 It took a few hours but finally this gentleman stormed into the bar and begged for it so I said goodbye to the hat.

Being in the Florida Keys we had to sample some of the local fare.  Ravi researched the local drink and a round of Rum Rummers was soon ordered.  

I had no idea what was in this drink (other than rum).  About 1/12th into the drink I decided to order something else as the room grew foggier.  

I sipped mojitos for the rest of the night while schmoozing with the local talent and partying with Key West locals.

Veggie corn dogs! VEGGIE CORN DOGS!!!!!!!!