Lying on the couch in my gym clothes reading the internet from cover to cover.  Despite the 4 cups of coffee pumping through my veins I can’t gather the energy to get my slowly atrophying muscles to the gym.  But played this video with the speakers cranked and I’ve moved from a reclined to an upright position.  May this video energize and motivate you too.

Kitty Potter.

Champers and Walker

It’s been one week in the burbs and I’m surviving.  I even shovelled the snow this morning and chatted with the neighbours.  I’m totally fitting in here.  Kitty is also enjoying herself but refused to frolic in the snow today.

But unfortunately the liquor store is not within walking distance like at home…

…and we ran out of champers.

Yes, on a Friday night.  

And with the treacherous roads I was banned from driving to the LCBO.

No booze for Moko.  The horror.

So we decided to raid my BF’s parents’ liquor cabinet (keep in mind they are not big drinkers like my family).  

Came across a bottle of champers that may have been from the year they were married or conceived my BF or something.

It was so undrinkable it caused an instant headache.  I was very sad (very, very sad).

BF’s Dad saved the day with some Johnnie Walker Double Black.

The Queens drink.


See ya in a week.

Outta the city for a bit.  I have been spending the past 8 days repairing, painting, moving, cleaning, stressing.  Bought a new loft last week with a really early closing date so felt rushed to list my current condo.  

Relaxing in the burbs with a giant slice of pizza and an even bigger glass of wine.  I’m gunna fill my gullet, sleep, and watch movies until Monday.  Planning on living here ‘till my place sells.  Gimme a shout if you’re looking for a kick-ass 2 bedroom condo in downtown Toronto.  In the meantime I’ll be couching it.

I want to be with you, be with you night and day. Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.

Why the food pics you may be asking. Let’s just say that my New Years Eve was so much fun that I didn’t take a single pic or tweet the entire night.  So instead I took pics tonight of our awesome carb filled dinner from Ciccios.  Pizza Alla Capra with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and pesto sauce as well as Penne Puttanesca with black olives, hot peppers, garlic, parsley, and mushrooms. Jealous?

2012 was welcomed with forehead kisses in bed.  My poor sick boyfriend has been so sick all week and I couldn’t abandon him on New Years Eve.  So I planned a romantic evening of nature docs and my famous gluten-free vegan mac and cheese served up in bed.  I know, I’m a total Casanova.

Soon after midnight he passed out and I moved to the couch for a night of movies and champers solo style.  I was totally content staying in this year.

2 am my phone started buzzing with messages of a party down the street.  I didn’t have plans for new years day so I thought I could handle a little party in the early hours.  Put my party shoes on, waited for a cab for 45 min, waited for the streetcar for 45 min, then finally decided to walk to the party.

The rest of the night was spend with old and new friends.  I woke up today with the greatest feeling (accompanied by the worst feeling) ‘cause I realized I have really good people in my life.  Whatever ups and downs may happen in 2012 I will handle it ‘cause I have them to lean on.  I know I probably told them this about a thousand times in my champers haze but I feel lucky and loved.  Best start to a new year.

P.S. For those of you not feeling so hot this morning go to the store and pick up some coconut water.    Coconut water is isotonic meaning that it has electrolytes in a concentration that is the same as our cells. It is quickly absorbed and restores you in no time. You’re welcome.