Moko’s 2011 “The Best of the Web” List

I’ve been away for a bit (holidays and all) but I blame the flu I’ve been battling for the past 1.5 weeks.  Been in bed for over a week.  I’m a last minute shopper so my illness was a good excuse for me to give out gift certificates for the holidays since I was out of commission the week prior to x-mas.


Right now I’m resting up on the couch for a New Years Eve that will most likely be spent on the couch ‘cause BF is sick and me being the perfect GF I can’t abandon him when the clock strikes 12.

Housebound, I’ve decided to compile a list – one of my greatest talents.

So for your New Years Eve reading pleasure, I bring you Moko’s list of Awesome Fun Website Reads of 2011:

Food Blogs

The Kitchn takes top spot for most foodies given their awesome daily updates, wicked food varieties, and amazing recipe/interview/forum posts. A daily must read for foodies and food lovers everywhere.

Frequent Food Network chef and guest chef to the first state dinner for Barak Obama, Marcus Samuelsson is worth checking out.  Although he posts recipes and meals featuring ethically questionable mains he pushes the public to adopt Meatless Mondays and more vegetarian fare in their daily diet.

For the New Years resolution vegan, vegetarian trying to be vegan, or meat lover trying to adopt more veggies in their diet, Post Punk Kitchen is a novice chef friendly site with tons of recipes and advice on how to incorporate more Vegan in daily diet.  The Red Curry with Kale soup and Quinoa White Bean Kale soup are staples in the Moko kitchen.

Toronto Bloggers

Grew to like her through her blog and fell in love with her in person about a year later. Casie’s energy, positivity, and ambition are so motivating that she manages to have you refreshing her blog multiple times throughout the day (as she blogs ALL DAY).  Her photos, quotes, and experiences inspire you to get out and enjoy everything that life has to offer. Check out her blog for an instant pick me up.

 I found this blog about a few months ago when I put my back out (really out, I was totally crooked).  Found myself stuck in bed on pain killers with hours to kill.  What a perfect time to creep out a new blog. Much to my delight I stumbled across a little piece of heaven brought to you by Lauren O’Nizzle, Toronto Blogger.  Filled with gifs, cat vids, and hipster jokes I was in heaven.  Perfect way to spend a pain killer dazed afternoon…

Nerd Sites

 If you knew me 10 years ago you would not want to know me.  I was the definition of NERD before Nerd was made cool by Dr. Internet.  10 years later I would say I’m a little less nerd and a little more Hipster (the good kind, but not really, I’m still nerd).  I’m just not the cool nerd made famous by the Internet.  But whatever, I’m still cool enough that I’ve discovered my own awesome (not so secret) nerd sites.

1st of course is Reddit.  I’m not even gunna go there ‘cause honestly I get my BF to filter the good nerd shit and send it my way so I don’t have to spend hours sifting through lameo boring sub-nerd shit.  But Reddit is the ultimate source for all that is nerdy.

Like videos/pictures/stories to post to Facebook and Twitter 2 days before your friends do?  Then check out Neatorama.  I think most of their content is found via Reddit but they manage to post it before my BF sends it to me (meaning that they are pretty fast).  You won’t be disappointed.

Similar to Neatorama but they tend to post more food pics (i.e. pics of “This is why you are fat” and bacon themed meals).  Still entertaining and appeals to the nerd in you.

Moko’s Kill-Time Sites

I think I follow about 150 different tumblr sites and I add more everyday. (** is a tumblr site!!!! **). I tend to follow hot models (male and female), vegan food/recipe blogs, and travel/architecture blogs.  I like anything pretty (people, places, food, gadgets).  Message me and I’ll follow you!

I just discovered Fancy a few months ago.  I still don’t completely understand it but I’m drawn to it daily.  I feel it is a little like Tumblr but with more information on the product and a little less control over what your are viewing.  Anyways, as I said above I am a big fan of things pretty and Fancy never lets me down (even if they don’t update as often as they should!)

This ends Moko’s list for now.  I know my list is a little short on culture, (some would say art, but I disagree), politics, and so on but who cares.  Read these sites as an escape from the negativity and corruption in world and allow them to inspire you to see how great this place really is. 

Happy New Year.


Milk and cookies for Santa. Carrots for the deer. Merry Christmas.

HoHoTO “The Party That Twitter Built”

You know how much I love Twitter right? (see my feed to the right)  What is so amazing about Twitter is how easy it is to connect with like-minded individuals.  I have so many new friends and connections that have all formed through Twitter.  

The idea of HoHoTo was born when a group of friends on Twitter started discussing the issue of hunger in Toronto. 

Using social media and their network of friends they managed to organize and  throw together a huge party in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

HoHoTo has become an annual holiday tradition in Toronto for the past four years.  And for the past two weeks Twitter has been buzzing with #HoHoTo feeds.  Last minute Tweeters found it difficult to secure a ticket to the sold-out event and they were forced to “retweet to win tickets.”

My friend, Amber Mac’s company, MGI Media, was one of the corporate sponsors of this event and she inspired me to become a sponsor as well.

(Photo courtesy of @photojunkie)

On December 15, 2011 hundreds came together to party for a cause at the Mod Club in Toronto.  It was an amazing gathering of media, tech experts, PR companies, and fellow tweeters.

We danced to the musical selections of Duarte Da Silva and perused the in-kind donations that were being raffled off.

We tweeted and twit-piced with #hohoTO hashtags all night.  So many hugs and screams of “I know you from Twitter.”  

New connections and friendships were formed and everyone hugged and cheered when organizers announced that HoHoTo raised $70 000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank this year!

Even if you missed this great event you can still donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank or drop off a non-perishable food item at your local fire hall.  It is time to end hunger.

Toronto Carnage

This is a photo from a fur shop about 0.5 km from my home.  An employee was outside smoking and told us we were looking at coyotes (with a grin).  Laughed and called us city folk hypocrites as he see’s so many in Toronto wearing Canada Goose coats with fur trimmed hoods.  He didn’t notice that we were wearing cotton coats and felt/pleather shoes.  

We weren’t taking this photo to wage battle.  We were just trying to capture the PETA article that was posted on his corkboard (seen behind the pile of flesh).  Yeah it sickened me to see the mass carnage in the cardboard box but I was more amused why he bothered to care what PETA thought of him.

For those inquiring: vegan bacon from Taiwan. I bought it at the tiny vegan food shop at the back of King’s Cafe in Kensington Market in Toronto. Best ever!

Dinner! Vegan burger with vegan cheese, vegan bacon and fully loaded between a gluten free bun. I know my friend Rob will appreciate this beauty!