Night Life

Dancing till dawn at The Great Hall, Indian Curry Poutine and 9% beer at Sin and Redemption, cheap beer at Red Room, Pom champagne at Persian Hookah bar, 1:30am line-ups at Lakeview, perching on bar stools on Ossington, 4 am pizza.

I love my friends.


A perfect pairing.

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like David Bowie here?

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Stew and a Show

Cooked up a pot of vegan, gluten-free noodle stew tonight.  Rocked it big time.

I love cooking.  Probably one of the most fun things to do on a Sunday afternoon (yes I know it is Wednesday).  But the past hour of cooking has been torture.  That’s ‘cause the fire alarm has been going off for 45 MINUTES!  Any normal person would have hopped down the stairs to the lobby to check out the hot firemen or left the building for some peace and quiet.  But I couldn’t abandon the soup!  So I have been plugging my ears and stirring for the last little while.  

Yes, it occurred to me that it might be a real fire.  

No, I did not contemplate leaving the condo.  

Going to devour the soup with some amazing gluten-free bread I discovered today in Leslieville.

If you’re in downtown Toronto tonight you should come and check this out:

It is free and being held at Bell TIFF Lightbox (awesome venue).  Check out this site to get on the guestlist.  Just might to have a drink at the Blackberry Lounge after….

Sponge Bread Square Plate

Dined out at Sheba tonight for some Ethiopian eats.  The last time I had Ethiopian food was about 5 years ago and I remember being a little freaked out by the bread (injera).  Thanks to my evolved, more adventurous palate this Ethiopian dining experience was so much more delicious and enjoyable.  Ravi and I shared the vegetarian combo plate with a side of Mama Shiro (a chick pea dish).  It was AMAZING.

The Injera, a yeast-risen bread (like a pancake), is made from teff flour.  It is cold and spongy with a slight sour taste.  I think it feels and looks like zombie skin but Ravi described it as feeling like dinosaur skin.  Our server said she thinks it looks like Sponge Bob Square Pants.

I’m not sure if Sheba is just a kick-ass Ethiopian restaurant or the place I went to 5 years ago was sub-par but I have to encourage you all to give this cuisine a try.  It is healthy, delicious, and you eat it with your hands!  Nough said.

Make the biggest wish of your life!!!

Lap dance.