Hang Gliding!!!

Last year, Ravi’s brother and sister-in-law gave us some passes for a Discover Hang Glide experience with High Perspective in Pickering, Ontario.  For some reason we didn’t use the passes over this past summer.  So last week we decided to cash in our passes and hope to catch a glimpse of the fall colours while soaring at 1000 feet.

We found out that the Discovery Flight was only good for a 500 foot flight.  Without hesitation we handed over the credit card and upgraded to a flight up to 1500 feet.  

Totally worth it.

I brought my Go Pro with the hopes of attaching it to my wrist or ankle however I was told that it wasn’t recommended since it may get caught in the lines.

I’m not about to argue with a Pro Hang Glider.

Luckily they had their own Go Pro strapped to the end of a pole to catch every one of my awesome flying facial expressions.

High Perspective had a pretty cool system set up to get you airborne.  I imagined that we would be jumping off a cliff of some sort.  Relax mom, Pickering is not the most mountainous place.  Instead, the staff at High Perspective attach a very, very, very long tow line to your instructor and use a winch to pull you and the glider.  A small hill in the field allows for lift off!

Within seconds you are airborne!  

The first thing you notice is the temperature change.  It felt like it dropped about 5˚C within seconds.  The second thing you notice is your surroundings.  We were in North Pickering but we could see Lake Ontario and the CN Tower so clearly.  What was most magical to me was how peaceful and serene it was.  Unlike flying in a plane or parasailing behind a small boat (the closest experiences I’ve had to flying in the past), hang gliding is quiet and seems natural.  It literally feels like you have wings. 

Check me out!

My flight was cut short as we were not able to catch the best wind. 

Ravi lucked out and managed to catch a wind that the instructor said could have kept them flying for hours.  As if that wasn’t enough, Ravi was also given the opportunity to pilot the glider.  Yes I was jealous.

Check out his super smooth landing:

As short as my flight was, it was enough to get me hooked.  I can’t wait to get back up there.  Ravi is also hooked.  We’re signing up for lessons in the spring!  



yeah okay.




Hahahaha, I got a sneak peek!  It rocks my socks.  

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Cutting a trailer is DIFFICULT.

Cutting a trailer for a SHORT film is next to impossible. It just seems RIDICULOUS to cut what is essentially a short film for a short film.

YET, here I am cutting a trailer for an 8min film.

I limited myself to ONE MIN. Tell the concept in ONE MIN and get…


Just a wee one for me tonight.

The definition of perfection: my homemade, gluten-free, mediterranean flatbread pizza!