I recently started researching the benefits of a raw diet.  I’ve been vegetarian a few years so I thought I was ahead of the healthy eating game.  But there is so much I am learning about!  Apparently when you cook food above a certain temperature (118˚ F to be precise) you denature enzymes in food. 

These enzymes are vital for digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.  Without enzymes the body is forced to produce more enzymes to digest food.  Over time, a lack of food enzymes leads to issues with digestion, nutritional deficiency, and accelerated aging.

With this new knowledge, I have decided to incorporate more raw food into my diet.  I’ve read that you can expect more energy, clear skin, weight loss, and better digestion with a raw diet.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have what it takes to adopt a 100% raw vegan diet but apparently the body greatly benefits from having a 51% raw diet.  

So here’s my plan.  50% raw breakfast, 100% raw lunch, 50% raw dinner.  That should add up, right?

Started my day with a few cups of coffee and watermelon for breakfast.  I’m going to try to cut down on the coffee too but I love it so much.

Fresh spring roll wraps for lunch.  Took an hour to prep and make but was worth it.  I feel sated but not bloated or tired.  Have had my usual few glasses of lemon water which also helps with digestion and liver/kidney cleansing.

Unfortunately I’m due to meet up with a friend later for pints.  And we all know you can’t have beer without snacks so my diet may already be doomed. 

Update: It’s been 2 hours since my lunch.  I feel great but my stomach is grumbling…

Mystery Solved

For the past few years I’ve been noticing that my favourite t-shirts all have little holes on the front, near the bottom of the shirt.  For awhile there, Ravi’s shirts were also like this.

I didn’t think too much of it at first.  But then it started happening more frequently.  It even happened to a shirt I only wore twice!

I started hypothizing what it could be. 

Washing machine? – but it was only happening to my t-shirts

Moths? – but I read they only eat away at wool

My dresser? – but it was also happening to Ravi’s shirts which are hung in the closet

After awhile I let it go thinking, shit happens.

Until I read this tweet today from @thekitchn:

Um, YES!

Turns out that there are a ton of other kitchen savy people who also have holes in their shirts.  

“They’ve [the people at Delicious Days] discovered that the true culprit is a combination of your kitchen counter and the button from your pants. When you’re not wearing an apron or your shirt isn’t tucked in, this is an easy place for wear and tear to occur.”

Mystery solved!!!

P.S. I know. My shirts are really wrinkled. 

Memories of Asia

I miss traveling like crazy.  At least once a month Ravi and I will reminisce about Nid’s Panang curry in Koh Tao, Thailand, our first time crossing the street in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, and the night market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

While we primarily travel to South East Asia for the climate and culture, the food is also an attraction.   So when I heard about the Night Market on Cherry Street I began dreaming of (real) pad thai, (fake) duck, and green onion pancakes.

But much to my disappointment, it was primarily a BBQ meat market which seemed to be what everyone else desired.

Bon Bon Chicken – no idea what this is

Encephalopods – seemed to be very popular. From raw

To grilled

To stabbed

To squished

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls 

Oyster Omlette – probably the most popular tent at the market

There were a few veggie treats to be enjoyed.

Tornado Potatoes – line was too long so no idea if they’re good

Veggie Thai Pockets – like a samosa but moon shaped rather than pyramid/traingle shaped

BBQ Tofu (they called it mock fish) – it was barely cooked tofu with BBQ sauce

Veggie Malaysian Pancake – I know, looks AMAZING but was totally lacking any flavour

The grease of the pancake and the pungent smell of the smelly tofu (not just a clever name) killed my appetite.  We decided to keep walking around hoping to discover a secret veggie booth.

Out of no where the skies darkened and monsoon-like rain fell from the sky.  We took cover with a bunch of others and it subsided after a few minutes.  

The booths opened up again in no time however mother nature was not done.  The rain started to fall again and we quickly took cover under a tent selling honey and pollen.  Just as we thought we were safe the tent began to give way, spilling the water that had collected on the tent.  

We moved to the covered shopping cart return area to wait out the storm (which lasted about 20 minutes) before biking home.

Despite the disappointing food, the hot humid temperatures and monsoon-like rain made me feel like I was back in Thailand.  

“And in this grey, in this blue shade

My tears dry on their own.”

RIP Amy Winehouse. Your voice was magical and your music legendary. 


After a super fun day with my new GoPro I was super stoked to set up an all night time-lapse.  

I planned on doing a thunder/lightning storm time-lapse first ‘cause Toronto had a pretty fun storm last night.

But stupid GoPro menu confused me and I ended up shooting 4 minutes of nothing.

Erased my SD card and set up GoPro in time-lapse mode when I went to bed at about 12:30 am last night.

It captured over 1300 images of this before the battery konked out:

Pretty spectacular photo but no spectacular morning sunrise.

Ravi “advised” me this morning that I probably should have set up the camera at about 4:30 am.