I Love You Toronto ‘Cause You Cra Cra

Biked around the city for a bit. Didn’t bring my DSLR ‘cause it looked like it was gunna rain.  What a mistake that was.  Why?  ‘Cause the city was full on crazy today.

It started with a few guys jumping off the top of a building.  I didn’t notice them at first. 

What caught my eye was a director’s chair on the street and a bunch of people looking up at the sky.  So I was pretty stoked when I looked up to see two guys rappelling face first, high speed off the side of a building. 

They were wearing helmet cams (I’m assuming it was a GoPro set up – something I am hoping to acquire in the near future).  They were probably shooting the Total Recall remake that has been shooting all over the city the past little wile.

Made it to the Eaton Centre.  Stupid Moko.  Why did I think this would be a good idea on Pride/Bollywood Awards/G20 anniversary weekend?  But I had some Father’s Day present returns to do (I failed this year at the gifts) so I braved it.  Lucky for me, there was plenty of crazy at the Eaton Centre, break dancing and dressed from head to toe in a green leotard.  

Left in a hurry as skies were darkening.  Rode past a few streets that looked exceptionally different from one year ago today.


2010 – G20


2010 – G20

I biked home, past more crazy. 

Arrived home a little disappointed in the lack of acknowledgment/attention to the anniversary of the shit that went down at G20 last year. 

Turned on the TV and was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of G20 protests throughout the city.  Everything appears to be peaceful, pleasant, and in harmony between the police and protesters – as it should have been last year. 


‘Cause it’s Friday!

Red sky at night…

…to Moko’s delight

Adventures in Peterborough

Who knew Peterborough could be so much fun?  Certainly not me.  I’m a bit of a city slicker, and to be truthful, small towns can give me the willies.  I’m happy to report Peterborough had no banjos or people demanding I squeal like a pig.  In fact, it turns out it is a cool little town.  I mean where else can you feed a camel, spot a servile, buy a Mexican wrestling mask, and see a cool indie film all in the space of a few hours?  

Driving into Peterborough, we spotted a sign with a picture of a monkey.  We decided to follow the signs to see where they would take us.  About 10 minutes later we arrived at the Peterborough zoo.  Normally I wouldn’t want to walk around an animal jail but we had a few hours to kill and admission was free.  While most enclosures were quite sad (giant python unable to stretch out, birds in cages) other exhibits were a bit better.  The camels looked content eating grass from the side of the fence.

The otters appeared to be having fun playing in the pool together.  At first I thought they were trying to drown each other but then I realized they were just playing around.

After playing around with the animals we returned to downtown Peterborough where Ravi’s film was playing at a gallery called Artspace

Artspace is one of those cool little spaces you wish we had more of downtown.  Upfront some skateboard artist had installed some bizarre looking ramps/sculpture pieces that the local kids had been slowly demolishing.  In the back, they screened Ravi’s film for an intimate audience who came out despite the tornado-like weather.  Oh yeah, did I mention the tornado-like weather?  

Before the screening, we filled our bellies at a tiny Mexican food joint called La Hacienda

At first the weather was sunny, warm, and humid so we sat out on the patio. 

Pretty much as soon as our food and drinks arrived the wind picked up and the sky darkened.  Following the lead of the other patio dwellers we quickly picked up our food and brought it indoors.  We managed to make it inside just before the sky burst with thunder, lightening, and heavy rain.  We were just about to dig into out food when the power went out.  We quickly finished dining in the dark and made it back to Artspace where we feared the screening would be cancelled due to the power outage.  Luckily, the street the gallery was on was one of the only ones spared in the storm and a good number of people (and a dog) turned out to the screening.

Exhausted and smelling like a farm, we drove back to Toronto and managed to be in bed before midnight.  Awoke this morning to the familiar sounds of jackhammers and sirens.  Part of me wishes I was still in Peterborough. 

Welcome to the family!

Our first little one now has a baby sister.

She’s smaller, sleeker, and a lot faster than her predecessor.

My dear Aunt and Cousin, knowing my Apple addiction, were so kind and generous to surprise me with this wonderful gift for my birthday.  

They also surprised me with a box full of accessories including a dazzling smart cover!

I was blown away with the improvements made on the iPad 2.  Makes the first seem so heavy and slow.  

I’m so excited I can’t think of any app (other than Twitter and Angry Birds) to install.

Any suggestions?