I Like to Ride My Bicycle, I Like to Ride My Bike

Most of yesterday was spent in the car.  Running errands, running around, running on empty.

Today I woke up to overcast and gloomy skies but I was in desperate need for some fresh air.  I was dying to go to the movies to check the The Hangover 2 but I thought that natural light and a bike ride would be better for me.

Toronto opened its doors this weekend with Doors Open.  Factories, businesses, corporations opened their doors to allow everyone a sneak peak. 

I was tempted to park and lock my bike to check out the Corus and Redpath buildings but I couldn’t bear to spend anymore time indoors after a rainy, miserable week.  

Whizzing past traffic, pedestrians, trees I was in heaven.  Ravi gave me an awesome new camera strap for my birthday that allowed me keep my camera uncapped and close to my body so I was able to snap pictures easily even when riding my bike.  

After hours of riding around, we grew tired and hungry.  Thai food, wine, couch, movie – the perfect ending to a perfect Sunday.


Razor blades in my throat

The virus has found me and is starting to ravage my body. 

I have no one to blame but myself.  Not true.  I blame Ravi.  I knew that no amount of hand washing and immune-boosting vitamins could protect me from the virus that has been escaping his body with every hacking cough and nose blow.  

So now it is my turn.  

Lying in bed watching Growing Pains and Looney Toons while slurping on vegan chicken noodle soup (over salted veggie broth with cut up mung bean vermicelli glass noodles).  

I will only allow myself one day of sick and today is the day.  

Let the healing begin.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Woke up super tired and sluggish after a late night at Stone Lounge.  

Ravi was also moving a little slow.  He’s been sick all week.

So it took us awhile to get moving and get out.  Forced ourselves out for some self-prescribed Vitamin D.  

Hopped on our bikes, taking park breaks along the way.

First stop, Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market.  

Caught some rays then hopped back on our bikes.

Second park, Trinity Bellwoods.  The park was the busiest I’ve ever seen it – figures after 8 months of cold weather and 7 days in a row of rain.  

The park was full of kids, dogs, and a cat?

In the tree.


This dude totally made my day.  His owner kept him close on a leash and harness but the cat didn’t seem to mind.  She clawed her way up the tree to her favourite branch.  Time for kitty’s next trick….

‘Twas the night before Doomsday

My friend Chris is like a house music super hero.  He spends his days chained to a desk like most of us.  But come night time he is mad, crazy DJ irGO.  If that’s not enough he is also behind House Addict, showcasing local and international talent.  

Last night Chris brought in UK talent Scope to Stone Lounge.  If you were in downtown Toronto this week you may have seen these posters around.

Before heading over, a few of us got together for cocktails and thai food at Sit in Bangkok.  I ordered the Panang Curry with veg and tofu.  Most of the food is made with fish sauce but they will veganize it for you!  

The waiter heard that it was my birthday this week and he surprised us with some delectable banana fritters.  Like mushrooms, I appreciate the flavours that bananas give a dish but I normally can’t stomach them.  However, I couldn’t get enough of these delightful little fritters.  

We waddled over to Stone Lounge just in time to catch irGO before Scope took over the booth.  

Since it was Doomsday eve, I had to get my party on.

We got there early enough to be able to grab a booth and some drinks.

Good thing too ‘cause the next time I looked up it was a packed house.

I’m not the biggest fan of house music but Scope and irGO had me on my feet dancing (not well but at least I tried).

They kept it going well after 3:00 am.  Pretty awesome.

Check out Scope on Facebook and House Addict on Twitter, Facebook, and here