Comings and Goings

Welcomed home a friend who has been traveling abroad the past 1.5 years.  Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia.

Sadly it was also a going-away party.  She’s moving to Norway.

So we had to do it up right.

Food, beer, and hot sauce.

I told Chris I’d pay him $50 if he licked the Sriracha hot sauce knife.  I honestly don’t think that shit is all that spicy (like a hotter version of ketchup) but Chris thinks black pepper is spicy.

It took 30 minutes of pressuring but he finally did it.  No I did not pay him $50.  

It was such a great night with such great people.  I feel very lucky to have these people in my life.

With a belly full of food and beer I decided to walk home.  They’re filming something huge on Front and Wellington.  

Belushi, Carry, or Fallon?

I love that there is so much filming going on in Toronto but traffic has been a royal bitch this past week.  

The construction is also a pain but had to give big-ups for these guys working hard on a Friday night.

Happy Saturday.

P.S. These photos kind of look like shit ‘cause they were taken on my iPhone 4. 


Took the words out of my mouth. Well said.


Mother Nature, I’m not happy.  Worst Spring weather weekend. 

Rain, I can take you – I have my Hunter’s and dome umbrella.  But rain, wind, frigid temperatures – no fair.  You can’t tease us with 20˚C sunny temps on a Monday and then give us a snow storm on Sunday morning.  

But I didn’t let Mother Nature ruin my weekend.  We forced ourselves out of the safety and warmth of the condo into the wild weather.  We went to take the streetcar to the Eco-Show but couldn’t stand waiting in the miserable weather.  Turns out it was only a loonie more for parking on the Exhibition grounds than the cost of both of us taking the TTC there and back.  Some days it’s just not “The Better Way.”

We each brought a computer mouse to recycle in exchange for a free ticket.  Thank goodness we didn’t pay for admission ‘cause we were pretty let down.  We’ve come to the Eco-Show a few times in the past 5 years its been on and have been fairly impressed.  Not this year.  It is simply a trade show now.  

Everything got better once we reached the animals.  This is Socrates – a turkey vulture. 

He was hit by a car and broke a wing many years ago. 

This wildlife organization nursed him back to health and continue to care for him.

This is Whistler – a hawk (cannot remember what kind).    

He lost a few talons due to frost bite. 

He has trouble flying as well as he has lost a few of his long tail feathers. 

There was an awesome bee hive on display as well.  I used to feel bad for these bees since we steal the honey they work so hard to make.  But apparently bee populations are now improving as more and more people get into beekeeping.

Best part of the show was the food. 

I admit I was but couldn’t indulge ‘cause I was driving.

Free local cheese?  Oh yeah!  From Fiesta Farms – a great independently owned grocery store that sells local, organic goods.  

Yes, this is a young sunflower plant.  Why didn’t I buy this?  Left with some Wheatgrass for kitty instead.

Found a great veggie cuisine stand with noodles, rice, veggies, and the most awesome looking veggie chicken.  

This is the best veggie chicken I’ve ever tasted.  I know its been a few years but it seriously tastes like rotisserie chicken.  

I know its a blurry shot but I wanted to give this restaurant credit for their awesome food.  

As we were leaving we walked by a bunch of yogi’s putting on a show.  The greatest was this little girl following their every (bendy) move, oblivious to the impressive crowd that was growing around her.  A roll model for us all.  

Midnight on Thursday night. Moko and Ravi are enjoying a few glasses of wine after a long work week.  They are sitting on the couch watching television. 

Moko: Hey, did you hear that Pizza Pizza has a deal of 3 large pizzas for $25?

Ravi: Seriously? No way

(pulls up website)

Ravi: We have to order!

Moko dials.  Hands to phone to Ravi.

Ravi: So are you guys really selling 3 large pizzas for $25

Pizza Pizza man: Yes

Ravi starts to order an elaborate Mediterranean- style pizza.  Pizza PIzza man cuts him off.

Pizza Pizza man: You can’t get those toppings with the deal.  There are only a few toppings to choose from.

Moko writes down the list of approximately 8 toppings to choose from.  Ravi proceeds to design 3 pizzas using almost all the toppings on the list.

30 minutes later, a knock on the door.

Pizza PIzza Delivery man: That will be $45.

Little did we know that the deal did not include toppings.

I went to bed soon after, without taking a single bite.  Woke up a little foggy this morning.  Walked into the kitchen to find this:

I’ve had a bite from each pizza.  They’re all pretty gross.  This one is probably the best.  I call it ghetto margarita. Spinach instead of basil.

Even kitty, who normally eats anything and everything, won’t touch it.  

 Maybe I should set up a table outside the bars tonight and try to sell slices.  



My dad was killed while riding his bike three years ago.

And it devastated me. And it changed me.

But I won’t let it rule me.

Today I rode my bike to work for the first time in three years.


As you can probably tell from my lack of recent posts, I’ve been in hibernation.  The cold temperatures and grey skies have extinguished my motivation.  Sometimes I wish I was a retired 70 year old so I could be a snowbird and spend winters in a retirement community in Florida (not really but you know what I mean).

But yesterday it finally felt like spring had arrived.  Woke up to sun beams burning through my eyelids.  Looking out the window I could see the streets were starting to crowd with morning dog walkers and out-of-town families so we decided to escape the city.  I needed to go somewhere where I could hear the birds chirping instead of the traffic and construction noise.  

Ventured to the burbs so I could roll around with my camera in the grass.  Perfection.  I fell in love with photography all over again.

Also rolled around with a 4 month old puppy named Reef.  His parents (Ravi’s brother and sister-in-law) are obviously Scuba enthusiasts.  There’s nothing like a puppy to brighten your day and warm your home.  I left covered in puppy drool and a giant smile.  

Awoke this morning to rumbling thunder and pouring rain.  I don’t even mind the grey skies.  Spring is officially here 🙂  Soak it up Toronto.  

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams”

Awful, awful, awful.  That’s how my mourning morning went.  Unfortunately, can’t talk about it due to confidentially issues (so obviously it was work related).  Let’s just say it’s days like this that I lose faith in humankind.  

So I called my mom to vent, raced home to vent and hug Ravi, and then started the overwhelming task of writing a report of what happened.  Wrote while sitting on the couch so I could cuddle with kitty at the same time.  Ended up falling asleep.  The stress of an emotional experience really wipes you out.  Just woke up.  I feel better.  I have a new perspective.  I realize that, yes, there are terrible people in the world but there are pretty great ones too.  

43 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in the face while standing on his motel balcony in Memphis.  Today, let’s appreciate and thank the good people in our lives.   And let’s remember the ones that may no longer be with us but who dedicated their lives to making our world a better place.  

Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)