DIY camera work


Caused drivers to honk like the Toronto Maple Leafs just won the Stanley Cup.

Irish in Toronto

I was planning on taking it easy today.  Had a last minute cancellation so decided to go out and enjoy the day.  Destination: Queen West, Chinatown, Kensington, where ever the day would take me…

While I was out, I received this tweet from my MP Olivia Chow

Since I’m such a huge supporter of hers, I had to stop by.

She wasn’t there but I managed to get her on a conference call and was able to say hi and thank her for the great things she is doing for our city.  She asked for one of her staff, Jess, to get a pic of me by the Canadian flags.  Keep up the great work Ms. Chow!

Wasn’t planning on doing the green beer thing but got a last minute invite out.  The weather was so nice and I was on such a high from my call with Olivia Chow I decided to get festive. 

Met some nice street folks who requested a photo.  They are hoping to make it big on the Internet.  

Hiked it to a (British) pub and ordered a (Belgium) beer for the Irish holiday.  

5 hours, many rounds, a huge plate of nachos, and 2 servings of fries later, I said adios and waddled home.

Thank goodness this holiday is only once a year.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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