Cinema Sunday

For your Sunday viewing pleasure I’d like to share with you a short film shot by my favorite film maker, Ravi Steve (so what if I’m biased).  He shot it on a Saturday night with no budget, a crew of just me, and some actors he found online willing to work for free. 

I was thrust into the roll of audio recordist.  Having never done this before I was a little nervous.  But Ravi just kept saying “Don’t worry. You’ll figure it out. And if you don’t I promise to kill you quickly.”  I was never quite sure if he was serious. Luckily for me it worked out.  

Lighting was another thing.  Having a single professional light and a couple of Ikea lights, we tried to create a mood.  After doing this, I had a renewed respect for DPs.  That shit is hard.  

I also got to do “The Clapper.”  Ravi kept saying “Stop calling it a clapper. It’s a slate.” But by the end of the shoot, even he started calling it that.  I win.  We didn’t have a proper “clapper” so we used my Ipad and a free slate app.  It worked great.

The actors were the real wild cards.  Ravi cast them based off a picture, a youtube clip, and a quick phone convo.  Luckily for us they were both great and willing to play.  


Shot with a Canon 7D and a Nikon 50 mm 1.8.  


After an insanely busy, stressful, and emotional week I felt the need to knock back a few last night.  Didn’t finish work until after 9 pm but found myself with a champagne buzz by 9:30 pm.  Stayed up waaaay to late and drank waaay to much so naturally I was not feeling so hot this morning (especially since I no longer have the ability to sleep in).  

Despite the drilling headache, waves of nausea, and overwhelming anxiety, I forced myself out (making Ravi drive due to difficulty focusing).  Brought my camera along, as always, hoping to take some sort of arty photo on the ride.  

I chose to stay in the car while Ravi ran his errands so my photos were limited to things in and around his car (yeah, not so arty) but I managed to keep myself amused.

Collapsed when I got home and slept for 3 hours (after devouring a plate of fries with melted mozza, drowned in mushroom gravy – low rent poutine).

Woke up refreshed and renewed.  Decided to cook up a delicious feast – a Fiesta of sorts.  

Kept it gluten free using corn tortillas rather than flour.

Used vegan sour cream rather than the real stuff.

Hottest salsa I could find.

Took about 30 minutes to chop and prepare and about 2 minutes to inhale.  Super delicious. 

Going to keep snacking on the nachos and left overs and watch some David Attenborough nature show.  I love Saturdays.

A Valentine’s Surprise

I’ve never really done much for Valentine’s Day.  This year will be V-Day number 4 for me and Ravi.  I can’t recall what we did our first year.  Our second year and last year were both spent in Thailand and I think we treated it like any other day.  So this year I really wasn’t expecting or planning anything much (especially since this year V-Day falls on a Monday and Ravi is working 12-14 hour days).

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I walked through the door on Friday night to a candle-lit misty home and a bottle of REAL champagne (not the sparkling wine we normally buy) chilling on the counter.  Ravi had learned that a good sparking wine has smaller bubbles.  He was right!  This champagne made our usually wine taste like draught beer.

The champagne was really just the icing on the cake though.  The true surprise was the misty fog and what he was chilling the wine with – Dry Ice!  (Another perk of dating a film guy)  The condo was filled with an amazing mist that poured over the counters and out of pots along the floor.  It was spectacular!

You need thick gloves to handle it as the dry ice pellets are about -109˚F (-75˚C).  Even with gloves on you need to keep it moving around as it will freeze your clothing and your hand.  

As we poured hot water over the dry ice pellets, it sublimated and turned into an awesome misty gas.  

So of course we had to play around with it.

We had to keep Kitty locked up in the bedroom for fear she would inhale the CO2 gas or freeze burn her paw on the pellets.  As soon as the air cleared we let her out so she could enjoy pre-Valentine’s day with us.

A Valentine’s Day to remember.

The Goonies!!!

From now until April 2, Bell Lightbox has Back to the 80’s, showing a different 80’s flick every week.

Yesterday was the first screening – The Goonies.  I missed seeing this film in theatres when it came out in 1985 ‘cause I was just 6 years old.  But I’ve seen it on TV about 10 times and there was no way I was missing an opportunity to see it on the Big Screen.


It was a sold out show with audience members ranging in age from about 6 to 60 yeas of age.  

The energy was amazing and the entire audience applauded at the end of the film.

Ran into @krustation – Hi!

Check out the Bell Lightbox’s schedule for upcoming movies.

Next week – Time Bandits. Can’t wait!


Since purchasing his Canon 7D, Ravi has been slowly building up his camera.  He has a pretty awesome collection of vintage lenses that I have enjoyed borrowing and using on my 60D.  

His latest addition to the lens family is an awesome anamorphic lens.  An anamorphic lens attaches to a standard lens and distorts the image allowing for a wider shot.  It is used in film making and allows for horizontal flares and oval bokeh.

It took some trial and error to set it up.  But it was totally worth it.  This is what you get with an anamorphic lens:

The perks of dating a film maker.