Dear Hangover,

I’m gunna rehydrate and obliterate you.

Love Moko


Despite the snow covered ground, the sound of the cold winter wind, and the vehicular homicide that occurred on the street below my condo last night, I felt motivated to get my butt in gear and walk around downtown.

Not yet acclimated, I bundled myself up from head to toe and set off with camera in hand.  I was going to embrace Old Man Winter and make the best of this day.

It all started out well.  Got a few nice shots, thanks to the sun breaking free from the clouds.  

Made my way over to Queen East to check out old camera lenses at a few pawn shops and thats when things started to turn on me.

It started with falling up a small step on Queen Street.  Normally I would have been able to catch my balance but today I was clumsy and afraid of hurting camera in hand.  So I fell onto my knee and then onto my back in front of hundreds of tens of onlookers.  I picked myself up, checked pants for ripping (none thank goodness), and stumbled along Queen.

Made my first stop into a pawn shop.  Was nearly burned by an old dude smoking a cigarette IN THE SHOP.  Eyes burning, clothing starting to reek, I made my way over to the camera lenses.  We were there for Ravi so he began asking about prices etc.  I tried to move away from all the commotion and smoke and all the sudden heard yelling between the psycho shop owner and Ravi.  Apparently the shop was too full of people and he couldn’t concentrate.  After “thanking” him for his “assistance” and “patience”, we continued on our way.

With the sun setting and temperatures falling, we decided it might be best to head home.  Ravi’s ears and face were starting to look frostbitten so I thought we could go underground to the PATH and have a warmer walk home.  

Who the hell designed the PATH?  After getting ourselves further from home, we surfaced, continued walking and finally made it home.

Knee sore, cold, and grumpy, I checked Twitter to make me feel better.  I was just in time to read that last nights hit-and-run fatality on my street was actually deliberate after an altercation at a night club.  

(Photo from

I had set out earlier today to try to capture Toronto’s beauty, and instead end up bloody and feeling sickened by the events of the day.  

Fun mail day!!!

Pepsi Tweet-Up Part-ay

I was cordially invited by my friend, the amazing Amber MacArthur, to Toronto’s Pepsi Tweet-Up

Pepsi decided to take their advertising budget for the year and put the money towards the Pepsi Refresh Project.

They are giving away millions of dollars to various funds that aim to change our world.

It was an awesome night filled with booze, food, music, and live twitter feeds!

The night’s guests included some of the groups and individuals who have been awarded funds from Pepsi’s Refresh Project.

Including, this amazing 11-year-old boy who was granted $25 000!

There were tons of amazing guests including @TrafficServices Tim Burrows

(or Tim Burrows’ back)

and a few of my Twitter friends!


@Chrisdick (with his better half @ambermac)

And the great @ravisteve

Had fun with my new wicked ass camera (nice blurry shot Chris).  What, are you like a University Photog Professor or something?

An awesome night for an awesome project.

Goodbye Old Friend

We’ve been through so much. We travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam together.

There were times when I was really frustrated with you.  But after thinking it over I realized that I was the one at fault.

Thank you for teaching me to see the world in a very different way.  You will be missed.  I hope you are happy in your new home.