Zombies Invade TO Underground!!!

Won myself a pair of tickets to TO Undergound’s Zombie night!

Missed the short films but made it in time to watch an awesome indie band – dressed as zombies of course.

The night got even better when I discovered they were serving Amsterdam beer.  Why don’t all movie theatres serve booze?  Totally amplifies the whole cinematic experience.

With a great beer buzz we settled down to the feature presentation: Lucio Fulci’s 1979 “Zombie 2.”  

About 20 minutes into the film it “burnt out” and TO Underground theatre was suddenly filled with live-action zombies.  Amazing performance.

After the zombie’s were given the vaccine, we settled back into the movie.  It was classic zombie horror at its best.  The greatest scene was when a zombie fought a tiger shark underwater.  Total awesomeness.

TO Underground, you rock!  They are playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre tonight at 9:30 pm.  Check it out!

Happy Halloween!


Toronto needs to de-amalgamate

Photo from Torontoist.com

Can one mayor satisfy the needs of both downtowners and the suburbanites?  After looking at the photo above, I finally understood how Monday’s Mayoral election results came to be.  

Most people on my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr were in shock and dismay when the election results were announced.  We asked ourselves “how could we let this happen to our city?”  Today I realized that WE did not let this happened.  People of the suburbs, living in a very different kind of Toronto, let this happen – and it made sense.  Of course they hate bike lanes and streetcars – they have no idea how to maneuver their SUVs and minivans through the downtown population when they are here to take in a Mirvish musical/Jays game/hockey game.  The look of graffiti frightens them because they associate it with gangs and violence and not the street art it is.  

MY TORONTO should not be managed the same as Scarborough’s Toronto or Etobicoke’s Toronto.  In MY TORONTO, we encourage street art, bicycles, and festivals.  In MY TORONTO, we prefer to take “The Better Way” and leave our cars at home.   In MY TORONTO, pedestrians and runners take over the streets on weekend.  Is the same felt outside of downtown Toronto?

What’s better than soup from my giant butterscotch.com mug? Yum yum yum!

I NEED THIS!  Christmas present for moi?

The Camera Lens Mug #WANT via #jyoseph

Playing hide-and-seek with the Skydome Rogers Centre and CN Tower through the fog.  View from my balcony.

Playing with Rare Earth Metals

Have you ever felt that little bit of fear when playing with magnets?  I’m not talking the fear of holding a magnet to your TV (done it, sorry Mom and Dad) or to your computer (also done it, sorry Ravi).  I’m talking potential loss-of-control-and-inevitable-harm sort of fear.

Meet the newest member of our toy collection.  Three little balls that have more pull than a magician on a tablecloth (ba dum dum)

We tried some tricks like making them spin, placing one on top of a table and using another under the table to drag it…but we had to see what we could do on our bodies.

Warning: serious injury may (and did) occur.

The hand – no problem.  As long as you don’t let it slide into the webbing between your fingers causing it to pinch (and hurt), it’s totally fine.

The lip – painful and not flattering.

The nose – not so comfortable and leaves a mark.

Tried it on the elbow but it got away from me, pinching the skin and causing excruciating pain and injury (out of focus but it is raised, pink, and bruised).

Tried it on my ear for less than a second before tearing it off due to intense pinching pain.  I don’t recommend it.

Fun Friday nights with Moko.

Missing this so bad you have no idea.  Life is better underwater.  Countdown to Mexico….