Ravi: Do you want to do a video with you holding a lightsaber?
Me: Ummmmmm, yes! What do I wear?
Started out in a mini skirt, bikini top, boots, and a Darth Vader mask. Had to put on tights and a jacket cause Ravi said it was too much for TV. He was appearing on CP 24’s Webnation with Amber MacArthur and planned to show it during his segment.
But….just like the last time he promised to show a clip of me on the show…it didn’t work. I was super bummed. So I posted the clip to Twitter however my 40ish followers didn’t seem to care and as of yesterday I only had about 17 hits. Twitter sensation @ambermac helped me out and now I have over 50 new Twitter followers and close to 700 YouTube hits! Thanks Amber!
So here’s what all the fuss is about:

No Animals Were Harmed in the Writing of this Blog

Today’s culinary mission was Gluten-Free, Vegan Mac and Cheese.

Ingredients required:
The gluten-free part was pretty easy. Rice pasta for the mac, rice breadcrumbs for the crispy topping, and cornstarch for thickening of the “cheese.”
The cheese part was more tricky.
I researched some cheese alternative recipes and found that most people either use cashews or cauliflower. Due to previous kitchen catastrophes using nuts I opted for the cauliflower.
You basically boil half a head of cauliflower, stick it in the blender, add some soymilk, nutritional yeast, spices, miso, and cornstarch and blend the shit out of it until you get this delicious looking mixture:
Poured it over my rice macaroni, cooked it for a bit, stuck it in a baking dish, topped it with rice breadcrumbs and baked it until crispy.
Here’s the result:
Looks pretty good, eh? Smells….like cauliflower, but at least looks cheesy.
So, you’re probably all wondering how it tastes, right?
Well, let me put it this way, I ate this for dinner instead:
Spicy, thai (rice) noodle soup. Still vegan and gluten-free but much tastier than the mac and cheese.

House Parties, Dinner Parties and Pool Parties Oh My!


End of summer. Gotta cram in all the outdoor parties I can.

Vanessa and Craig were nice enough to invite me to their home to harass their cat and eat nacho chips on a lovely, balmy August night.


Enjoyed pleasant conversation by candle light.

Adored Craig’s room devoted to his guitars and other musical instruments (he’s a rock star).

Followed (stalked) their cat, Hendrix, around the house for a bit.


Slept off the massive wine hangover the next afternoon and managed to make it to a dinner party hosted by Meg’s Aunt in honour of her upcoming wedding.


GORGEOUS house in Rosedale.



Furnished to perfection including exquisite works of art. I was afraid to move about for fear of knocking over a priceless statue.


Amazing little garden in the backyard.



Next day, hangover gone (thanks to the hair of the dog the night before). We trekked it to the suburbs to check out his brother’s awesome new saltwater pool.


Salt water is the only way to go, holy shit. No burning eyes, no dry hair, no dry skin. Amazing.


Ended the day with a friendly game of bird flying on Wii. Ravi was a natural bird. Look at those wings flap.