Hen Night


What better way to spend a Friday night than dinner at Watusi’s on Ossington, nachos at Tortilla Flats, and finally ending the night at a luxury hotel in Yorkville?
Nothing’s better.
The theme of Meg’s bachelorette was lace but I think Meg and I were the only ones who dressed the part.
What bachelorette would be complete without a few decorations and accessories?
After a dinner and, Meg was craving nachos (shocker) so we were off to Tortilla Flats where I enjoyed one of the best drinks I’ve had in a long time.
Texas tea (like a Long Island Iced Tea with Southern Comfort) served in a wine carafe (or old milk bottle however you want to see it).
Woke up the next morning at the Hyatt with only a slight hangover that was easily remedied with some dim sum by the lake…
and a nice afternoon nap.


I am a pig (and so are you)

In the past little while, I have been guilty of gluttony. Too much eating, drinking, spending, consuming. I feel the weight of consumption on my hips, my ass, my soul. Feeling constrained physically, mentally, spiritually.
Except for very few, the majority of us are over-consuming, polluting, wasting. Myself included.
The “analysts” agree. Correspondents to the “Living” and “Health” sections of the dailies constantly report that we need to “consume” less. So why is it that the media and pubic were so outraged when Urban Outfitters released a graphic tee with the words “Eat Less” written across it? Is this an inappropriate statement to the countries that this shirt is being marketed to (i.e. Canada and the United States)? Would “Eat More” or “We’re Eating Just Enough” be more suitable? I don’t think so. Walking around the streets of TO and seeing the multiple news segments on the problems of obesity in North America, I feel this tee is sending an appropriate message. We are all fucking pigs (yep, me too). Although I don’t wear the Size 16 pants or the 38DD bra I tend to over consume and at the end of the day I feel the weight of my gluttony.
We all need to EAT LESS. We also need to BUY LESS and overall CONSUME LESS.
So here I am, putting it out there: I will eat less, drink less, spend less. Perhaps putting it out there to you, the Internet, will make me more likely to follow-through. Maybe not.
So think about it, all of you. Do you really need the new Marc Jacobs bag, Chucks, Hunter rain boots, stainless steel water bottle, recliner, ice cream sandwich, Lululemon pants, leather belt and wallet, fall coat, flat screen, dining room set, perfume, hand cream, steak knives, area rug, wine glasses, earrings, car wash kit, floor lamp, salad bowl? Probably not. Will you be a better person and fit into you skinny jeans if you don’t consume it? Probably not. But perhaps, by consuming less, you will feel lighter. And maybe your wallet will too.

Upon us all a little rain must fall

I love the calm darkness before the storm…even better on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
The lights are out, TV off, computer sleeps. The windows are open and the stormy breeze is refreshing.
Sitting on the balcony enjoying this rare downtown quiet. Kitty sits silently on my lap – another rarity.
The thunderous rumble surprisingly calms me, grounds me.
I have no work to do, no emails to read, no places to be.

Hand in Hand Through Their Parklife

Some days are perfect. You drink a bottle of wine the night before but wake-up without the slightest hangover. You get out of bed without any aches or pains despite a brutal workout the day before. You brew the perfect coffee. And you meet up with an old friend.
Green lights all the way on my bike ride to brunch. Snagged a window seat right away (a line-up of 10+ grew within 5 minutes of my arrival). Sweated buckets from the bike ride and didn’t even care about the glances of strange in my direction. Enjoyed a kick-ass zucchini frittata. Even treated myself to one of the slices of bread (with minimal bloat to follow).
We walked along Queen West where I snagged a pretty rad hat to add to my growing collection. Hats are the new shoes, didn’t ya hear?
After running to some Asher Roth I treated my dogs to a pedi (and got an mani while at it). Read an article about Brad Pitt’s ever growing facial hair (apparently he shaved it recently and its a big deal).
Stopped in at the LCBO on the way home to restock and the nicest man carried my wine to the counter for me.
Saturday-the-14th is the anti Friday-the-13th.

This Little Kitty Goes to the Vet

Poor Citizen Kitty.

Forced into a carrier, taken on a downtown car ride (normally causing car sickness), and brought to this scary place with barking dogs and crazy cats.
Who could blame her for her cowering stance?
The expression on her face was priceless as the vet “took her temperature.” Total violation.
1 vial of blood and 2 vaccine shots later we were back in the car heading home.
I have no idea where she is at this moment. I hope she’ll trust me again soon 😦
Oh, and apparently this is where the vet went to school (surprisingly these unicorns didn’t instill a feeling of confidence, but he was a great vet):

Zucchini Green Curry Bread

Last weekend Ravi’s parents presented me with a giant zucchini from their backyard garden. This behemoth was large enough to feed a village.
I have been spending the week contemplating what to do with it.
Bake it? Broil it? Saute it? Use it in a stew or stir fry?
After days of deliberation I decided to make zucchini bread.
But not just any zucchini bread…GLUTEN-FREE zucchini bread.
I’ve been trying to get off wheat for awhile so gluten-free was my only baking option.
I baked up this baby after cooking up a super tasty veggie chicken green curry using our spices from Thailand.
The green curry was pretty amazing.
And, after adding a generous spread of Becel, so was the Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread.
Yes, tonight I was a master Thai chef as well as a gluten-free baker. What shall I conquer next?

Searching For The One

Everywhere I go…

I am on the prowl, looking, scouting.
I am convinced that once I find “the one” my life will be complete.
They will be by my side at all times.
They will cling to my side.
They will be at my beck and call.
They will give me what I need, when I need.
They will make me look better, smarter, sexier.
They will complete me.
The perfect bag.