It’s Down at the End of Lonely Street

I did not grow up listening to Elvis Presley. My parents were more into visual art rather than music. When they did listen to music, it was Abba, John Denver, and instrumental easy listening music stations. I was brought up learning about classical music via the piano and taught myself the Beatles / Neil Young / Zeppelin tunes when I picked up the guitar in high school.

So, when Ravi asked me if I wanted to check out the Elvis Festival in Collingwood I thought, fuck, why not? I had learned an Elvis tune on my ukulele recently and figured it would be interesting to see multiple Elvis’ (Elvi?) in the small town of Collingwood.

What interested us the most was the Kid Elvis or “Tribute Artist Tour” that was held at the local Pizza Hut.
That’s right, Pizza Hut.

The Tribute Artist Family Venue Tour was a collection of child and youth Elvis tribute artists that perform at the Collingwood Pizza Hut.
I couldn’t say no to this.

They had the voices, the moves, the swagger…
The crowd loved it as they enjoyed the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.
But we could only handle so much Elvis music so we abandoned the Pizza Hut after a few hours (and restraining ourselves from the greasy pizza buffet and candy machines).

So we decided to check out Collingwood…
…and discovered the greatest costume store,

and dollar store (although nothing was sold for a dollar)…

…and ended the day having dinner with our wonderful friends.
Thank you. Thank you very much.

“Twisting in the water, You’re Just Like a Dream”

The setting: Muskoka Lakefront Cottage
Muskoka 10
Muskoka 27
The event: Meghan Walker and Gregory Hall’s Engagement Party
Muskoka 38
The attendees: 60 or so of their closest friends and family (myself included of course)
Muskoka 37
The bridal party kicked off this kick ass engagement party weekend with a surprise trip to Canada’s Wonderland.
Wonderland 3
Wonderland 6
After blindfolding Meg and pulling a few U-turns downtown we were pretty sure we had adequately disoriented the bride-to-be. Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate the noise from the rides and the announcer welcoming us to Wonderland so she figured it out pretty quickly.
Wonderland 1
Wonderland 7
Following bachelorette traditions we dressed-up (humiliated) Meg in a lovely hand-printed tee and garter. She was a pretty good sport.
Wonderland 2
Wonderland 4
Wonderland 5
A few hours later, we headed up to Muskoka for sushi in Bracebridge followed by some hot tubbing and lake swimming at the cottage.
Muskoka 1
Muskoka 2
Saturday morning
We had some time to kill before the party, so we relaxed atop the boathouse while sunning ourselves and enjoying the view.
Muskoka 3
Muskoka 8
Muskoka 9
Saturday afternoon – Engagement Party
A fully catered event with vegan and gluten free options, open bar, and photography by moi, it was a perfect event.
Muskoka 39
Muskoka 35
Muskoka 34
Handsome couples, adorable babies, and a porch full of good looking people. We were definitely at a Muskoka cocktail party.
Muskoka 32
Muskoka 30
Muskoka 29
Muskoka 23
Muskoka 22
Muskoka 19
Muskoka 20
Muskoka 17
I got my fix of baby sniffing and cuddling. I think I’m good for another few months or so…
Muskoka 14
Muskoka 15
Muskoka 12
Muskoka 40
I’ve never seen so many smiles in one place (I think it was the punch).
Muskoka 46
Muskoka 43
Muskoka 44
Muskoka 26
Muskoka 55
Muskoka 49
Muskoka 48
As the party began to wind down, we snatched up the leftover wine and food and moved down to the boathouse for a more casual party…
Muskoka 13
Muskoka 52
Muskoka 51
Muskoka 50
A truly magical weekend.
Muskoka 57
Muskoka 54

Mississauga International Film Festival

It has been a busy week!
The festival started off with a really fabulous gala at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. We enjoyed the open bar while getting to know some of the other film makers.
Friday July 9, 2010 8:00 pm – The screening of Remix-To-Rio.
Holy shit, I was so nervous and excited. This was the first time seeing the film on the big screen. People slowly started to fill the theatre while we sat quietly at the back. At the last minute Drex, Ricki, and Thomas from The Remix Project joined the audience.
It is so strange. I have been by Ravi’s side for this entire project. I have watched all the edits, the creation of the graphics…but I was still fuckin moved to tears. I felt so much pride and
love for him. This was his moment and he shined. This is what he was meant to do.
The judges at the festival obviously agreed with me. At the awards party on Sunday night, Ravi and Remix-To-Rio took home the award for Best Documentary Film at MIFF.
Amazing and well deserved.
Check out the trailer and featurette at

Through a New Lens

Flickr-July 2, 2010-25
I realized the limitations of my 18-55 mm lens during last weekend’s G20 festivities. I had so many great photo ops but was very limited by my lack of zoom. So I did some research this week and opted to get this Sigma 18-200 mm lens.
Flickr-July 2, 2010-21
So far so good. It is way heavier than my last lens so I am slowly learning to adjust the way I take photos.
Flickr-July 2, 2010-01
Biked around downtown for a bit and Ravi discovered a great new coffee shop.
Flickr-July 2, 2010-06
Flickr-July 2, 2010-05
Flickr-July 2, 2010-07
Flickr-July 2, 2010-08
I am keeping the name and location a secret ‘cause its a small place and I want to make sure we get a seat every time we’re there (don’t worry, they’re an independent shop but they are doing well).
Flickr-July 2, 2010-03
Flickr-July 2, 2010-13
Flickr-July 2, 2010-11
I love, love, love my new lens. Still learning how to use it so be patient. Here are some highlights from my Friday….
Flickr-July 2, 2010-17
Flickr-July 2, 2010-19
Flickr-July 2, 2010-10
Flickr-July 2, 2010-24
Flickr-July 2, 2010-23
Flickr-July 2, 2010-22
Later Gator xox