Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

Summer nights (sigh). I’ve been waiting 8 months for this weather. Gunna soak in as many rays as possible since I know it’s only gunna last another 8 weeks. Why do we live here?

CN Tower Reflection

I love strolling on Queen West as the sun goes down. To bad none of the stores stay open past 7ish…
Queen Spadina
T-Dot Netted
Anyone else notice that the drivers suck more and more as it gets hotter and hotter. Is it just the out-of-towners coming in for Harbourfront Festivals and 5K races? Between the lunatic cabbies and the nervous, soccer-mom minivans….fuck, I think I should buy medical insurance before hopping on my bike again….
Post No Bills
To all you people complaining about the heat and their broken ACs: SHUT UP! You guys have spent the past few months bitching about the snow, sleet, wind, slush….Shut up and enjoy this weather before that shit comes back. I’m off to enjoy the sunset with wine in hand….

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