Sunny in the Burbs

Hiked it to the burbs to visit Ravi’s parents. His brother’s family joined us on their way home from the Toronto International Circus Festival at Harbourfront. Might have to check that out tomorrow.
Was a pretty awesome day weather wise so we chilled in the backyard.
Paul’s Belly-Flop
Brodie Swim Smile

Brodie Jumps into Pool
Brodie “The Daredevil” performing his cannonball while proud Dad watches.
My body stipulates that it must be over 30˚C to go swimming so I worked on my tan instead.
Sarah Tans

The others braved it and enjoyed the balmy 88˚F pool water while calling me a chicken. I was safe from being tossed in thanks to my camera around my neck.

Brodie Pushing Paul into Pool
Sneaky Brodie pushing his Dad into the pool.
We brought our kitty with us for this day trip since she was getting a little crazy being couped up in the condo. She was pretty unhappy on the ride over (she tends to get car sick). Little did we know that her stomach was upset and she shit all over Ravi! Ever smell cat poo? In a steaming, hot car? Ugh! It was all over his shirt, his jeans, and my car door. He was trying to be understanding but it was obvious he was pretty upset. We all kept our distance from Ravi while he stripped down and hosed off….
After a struggle-bath with Kitty, we let her frolic outdoors.
Kitty Close-Up
Kitty Hides
Bush Kitty
And Kitty and Ravi made up…

Ravi Kitty Stare


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