Feeding my Addictions…

Merry Christmas to me.

Cashed in my gift certificate at Coach but unfortunately it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the price of this bad boy.
This is my first (real) designer purse. In case you haven’t noticed, I kind of have a shoe/purse addiction. I normally head to Te Koop on Queen West cause they have an awesome selection of vegan bags. I’m not really into the designer purse thing but I have to admit that I’m pretty fond of my new bag. I think it is WAY overpriced and I wouldn’t have even thought to head into the store if it wasn’t for my dear cousin Leslie who gave me this GC for x-mas 2 years ago (taken me that long to find the right bag).
Thanks Leslie!!!!

I bet Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper are dancing with Patrick Swayze

New Shoes!
I bought a pair of sandals yesterday. I returned them today and bought these!
Then I went a few doors down and bought 2 pairs of sexy sandals. Returned them 1.5 hours later when I realized I just spent $400.00 on footwear in 1 day.
Wore these bitches to a photography gallery on Ossington. The show was called “In Search of Gotham”, a solo exhibition by William Nguyen (aka photo will).
Super cool space.
Was picturing if I lived there…where my bed would go, where my kitchen would go, what couch I would buy….
Lofty dreams….

Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

Summer nights (sigh). I’ve been waiting 8 months for this weather. Gunna soak in as many rays as possible since I know it’s only gunna last another 8 weeks. Why do we live here?

CN Tower Reflection

I love strolling on Queen West as the sun goes down. To bad none of the stores stay open past 7ish…
Queen Spadina
T-Dot Netted
Anyone else notice that the drivers suck more and more as it gets hotter and hotter. Is it just the out-of-towners coming in for Harbourfront Festivals and 5K races? Between the lunatic cabbies and the nervous, soccer-mom minivans….fuck, I think I should buy medical insurance before hopping on my bike again….
Post No Bills
To all you people complaining about the heat and their broken ACs: SHUT UP! You guys have spent the past few months bitching about the snow, sleet, wind, slush….Shut up and enjoy this weather before that shit comes back. I’m off to enjoy the sunset with wine in hand….

Plastic Bullet Magic!

Anyone with an iPhone NEEDS to download this app. Plastic Bullet is an iPhone photography app brought to you by the brilliant visionaries at Red Giant Software. This is what you get for $1.99 at the app store:

Sarah Plastic Bullet

T-Rex Plastic Bullet

If you are an amateur, weekend photographer like me who still sucks at Photoshop but you want to spruce up your pics, this is the app for you! Seriously, I turned a couple of boring photos into fuckin brilliant works of art with just the click of a touch-screen button. The above pics were taken on my iPhone. The below pics taken on my DSLR and then transferred onto my iPhone…

CN Tower

Royal York Hotel

Spadina Onramp

If only my Nikon DSLR had this app….

Sunny in the Burbs

Hiked it to the burbs to visit Ravi’s parents. His brother’s family joined us on their way home from the Toronto International Circus Festival at Harbourfront. Might have to check that out tomorrow.
Was a pretty awesome day weather wise so we chilled in the backyard.
Paul’s Belly-Flop
Brodie Swim Smile

Brodie Jumps into Pool
Brodie “The Daredevil” performing his cannonball while proud Dad watches.
My body stipulates that it must be over 30˚C to go swimming so I worked on my tan instead.
Sarah Tans

The others braved it and enjoyed the balmy 88˚F pool water while calling me a chicken. I was safe from being tossed in thanks to my camera around my neck.

Brodie Pushing Paul into Pool
Sneaky Brodie pushing his Dad into the pool.
We brought our kitty with us for this day trip since she was getting a little crazy being couped up in the condo. She was pretty unhappy on the ride over (she tends to get car sick). Little did we know that her stomach was upset and she shit all over Ravi! Ever smell cat poo? In a steaming, hot car? Ugh! It was all over his shirt, his jeans, and my car door. He was trying to be understanding but it was obvious he was pretty upset. We all kept our distance from Ravi while he stripped down and hosed off….
After a struggle-bath with Kitty, we let her frolic outdoors.
Kitty Close-Up
Kitty Hides
Bush Kitty
And Kitty and Ravi made up…

Ravi Kitty Stare