Dino Time!

Visited some friends over the weekend.


Eat Me Part 2

Haven’t seen them in about 10 years.

Wanna cuddle? No?

Dino Fish

Dino Sea Turtle
I would FREAK out if I ever saw these guys in the ocean while scuba diving. Can you imagine?

See You In My Nightmares
This one made me pee a little (kidding, kinda).

Big Dino

Nightmare Mummy
This is the reason I haven’t slept well since Saturday night.

Stare Dino
Ravi’s favorite dino: Mr. Deinonychus.

The ROM is pretty pricey these days ($22 rip-off) but you can get in after 4:30 pm for half-price.

2 hours was more than enough time to visit the Dinos, stroll through the Bat Cave, and finally check-out the latest installation by Dan Perjovschi called Late News.

It was a last minute decision to go and I didn’t have my camera. The above pics were taken with my iphone. Yeah, I know….

Overall, it was a pretty awesome way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon in March.


Indiana Moko

Sarah Tomb Movie

I’ve been busy.

Sarah Tomb

Exploring and stuff.

bat cave ravi

Stay tuned….

You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentleman.

Woo hoo! Finally saw Avatar in 3D! Moko’s Advice: Sunday morning is the best time to see a movie that’s almost always sold out. I even had an empty seat next to me to hold my giant purse filled with movie treats (i.e. granola bar, bottle of water, bottle of Percocet for the lingering back pain). The movie was absolutely faboosh and I highly recommended it to the 5 or so who have yet to see it.

Started 2 things this weekend:



Herb Garden Day 1

Only 18 pages into the book (it starts on page 13) so don’t have any reviews yet.

Followed the Chia Herb Garden Instructions that said to create a greenhouse effect using sandwich bags and place them on top of the refrigerator.


There is a little bit of mold growing on the surface which concerns me a bit. Seems like every plant I have forms mold 😦

I will keep you posted on my Chia Mold Garden.

That’s it for now. Went back to work today so had a shitload to deal with since I took last week off. Gotta love returning to work on Spring-Forward Monday!

Later Homies.

Rain Rain Go Away


I hate late winter in Toronto. Makes me wonder why I ever left Thailand. Today was cold, windy, and rainy. I can’t get warm. Even my bones feel cold.

Queen and Spadina


Went to Kensington Market today. There is a great little shop on Augusta called Perola Supermarket that has a hidden little gem in the back. There is a little kitchen set up where they cook up some real South American food. We ate cactus tacos and a giant pepper stuffed with cheese. Sorry, no photo of the food cause I ate ‘em up too fast.

Taco Menu


After discovering I had a flat tire we headed over to Bentos. They fixed my tire in about 20 minutes and only charged 25 bucks. They are also open 24 hours. Check ‘em out.

Broken Car

Tire in Water

Spent about an hour at Blockbuster video and left with 2 Kernel flavours but no DVD. There is nothing out. Did buy Coral Reef Adventures DVD from the Blockbuster at Queen/Spadina that is closing down. It was only $3 and was a pretty good watch. Also bought Lego version of Indiana Jones for PS3. Looks like I’ll be munchin on some Dill popcorn and playin some Indy tonight!

Blockbuster Closing

Here Sharky Sharky

As I’ve mentioned before diving in Thailand is amazing. The only problem is that it is pretty busy where were were so it would get crowded at times. One popular dive site was home to many sharks. Unfortunately they would often get scared away by the many divers. One morning we woke up at 5:30 am for a sunrise dive to try to beat the crowds. We jumped into the dark water and waited for the sun to rise while at 25 metres depth. After 25 minutes of diving we only saw one 2 metre long grey shark.

We were very frustrated and tired and we dragged ourselves back to our bungalow. After some breakfast and a nap we decided to go snorkeling in the bay by our bungalow (it’s called Shark Bay).

This was what we saw:

Sharks are pretty amazing and spectacular creatures. Unfortunately, they are threatened as they are fished for their fins (shark fin soup), cartilage (marketed as an anti-cancer means even though research shows no effect), skin (purses, shoes), meat, and as bycatch. Sharks are a vital part of our ocean ecosystem and we cannot survive without them. While most of you would not think of ever ordering shark fin soup, you may not realize that the fish oil supplement you take daily or your anti-wrinkle cream may contain shark. Please make sure that the products you purchase are shark-free so that we can continue to have moments like in the video above.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Today was a very frustrating day. Went from my doctor’s office to urgent care to a walk-in-clinic trying to get an x-ray. Was told by my doctor that I couldn’t be seen, by urgent care that it was a 4 hour wait, and by the clinic that I should just keep taking medication. Walked away with a prescription for 2 new medications. All this on the day that Corey Haim was found dead possibly by a prescription drug overdose.

Moray Eel

Changing the subject….

Sarah and Ravi Scuba

Diving in Thailand is amazing!

File Fish 2

I hear that diving in Africa is even better. Tons of sharks!


But I can’t complain.

Wart Slug

Sarah and Ravi Scuba 2

Sweet dreams….